Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Contest Entry for Svee Wheeler / Harder & Steenbeck Airbrush 

Above, is the link to the YouTube video I made (my first) to respond to a contest to win an Infinity hi-def airbrush by Harder & Steenbeck. The challenge was put out there by Svee (an airbrush god), to "paint with anything on anything," but it had to be a winter theme. Svee's video was released on November 1 and the contest deadline was November 30; I had 30 days. 

Knowing my Iwata Eclipse was suffering from a bent needle (snagged the tip getting close for detail work), I considered the "paint with anything on anything" as a challenge to see what could be done without an airbrush; thought it would be thinking outside of the box to do other media than airbrush, as most everyone else would be using one. (More about that later.) Besides, no place to purchase Iwata needle locally and no guarantee one ordered online would arrive in time. So something done in a brush media was the ticket. Brain now working......

Winter theme; hmm. What do most people associate with winter? Many think of Christmas, snow and Santa. Svee did say, entrants could paint 'Santa with breasts,' but my visual of that was just gross. Besides, I think the modern, red jolly Santa is just stupid; don't want to waste energy painting stuff I hate.

But I like old time Santas, Father Christmas,  the vintage ones. And they aren't necessarily jolly; not jolly might mean sad. What would make a Santa sad? Children who don't get to celebrate the winter holidays would make Father Christmas sad. Those children would be the ones who passed away from various circumstances. He would mourn for their lives being cut short,mourn for their parents; a heavy sadness. From this train of thought, morbid and depressing, the drawing was born.

I was pleased with the drawing, and pleased with the outcome of the video, which did receive positive feedback and what I consider, a surprising number of views. However, as far as the contest was concerned, I didn't even get honorable mention.

Silly me. Who knew that a contest for an expensive airbrush, sponsored by the airbrush manufacturer and judged by world class airbrush artists, would actually require, in spite of the 'challenge' implied by Svee's video, that the contest entry be done with an airbrush? 

Duh. Seems stupidly obvious now. Oh well, live and learn.

It was a great drawing anyway.

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